A chill in the air

In the last week there has been a distinct chill in the air in the early hours, (oh how I miss central heating) but by lunchtime it’s back to glorious sunshine, so I’m now down to only two outfit changes a day.  It is quite funny in the mornings seeing the Spanish wrapped up in puffer jackets and gloves and the Brits wandering around in shorts and t shirts.  Not me, trackie bottoms, a cards and fleecy socks are required.

October, which is meant to be the wettest month was the driest for a century and the second warmest October recorded since 1965, consequently the regions reservoirs are running at 13% of their capacity which is not good news for the farmers who have had their supplies reduced to ensure the domestic needs of the region can be met.  Unfortunately, or not, depending whose perspective you take, there is no rain forecast at least for the next few weeks.

It’s been a relatively quiet week, Craig and I have been working on one of our projects, and he also cycled to the local beach with a few others for lunch,  I had to miss it sadly as I was ill that day, but it’s definitely a destination for the next few weeks.  

By the way, that chap in the right of the picture is Ray, my tea bag hero!

We did go out for a cycle earlier in the week but I hate cycling on the road so I end up walking the bike until we get to the next cycle path.

I did find the most amazing shop ‘Merca Chino’-actually Craig found it first when he bought the brandy glasses.  Imagine Poundland and Aladdins Cave all rolled into one,  It has everything and all really cheap, it’s the sort of shop where you go to buy one thing for under 2 euros but end up spending 20 because you find all this stuff you never knew you wanted!

Saturday night we were invited out to dinner with Kev and Anna, and we went to a Chinese in nearby Cabo de Palos.  It’s fair to say we somewhat over ordered, and should have taken note of the waitresses face as the number of dishes we were choosing got longer and longer, certainly the portion sizes are bigger than the UK.  Bear in mind when this picture was taken we had already got through a plateful of food each!

Still it was delicious!, and even better relatively cheap.

Sunday was the Moto Club Cartagena event.  Craig and I walked the circuit before it started, and yes I did get a commentary of where the braking points were, and the riding lines.  Poor love, I could see him reminiscing of times gone by.

This guy seemed to have got the wrong memo though!

As for the pace car/safety car, it was no BMW M4, a la Moto GP!

But it was entertaining nonetheless, and certainly taken very seriously.

Even the Vespa riders were trying to get their knee down, although we think this chap maybe just got lost on his way to the supermarket.

As you would expect given the type of spectator these events attract, there was some pretty impressive bikes parked up around the course.

So that’s this week, and next week, well I’ve been roped into Yoga on Tuesday, question is will I be able to get through it without going into fits of laughter, oh yes there’s also a little trip to a local place where they produce a Brandy liquer, rather have a cup of tea myself.

Oh yes, the project.  We have a new washboard for the companionway.  It started life like this

And now following painting, sanding and every ounce of our creative abilities, one side looks like this.

All the constellations for the signs of the zodiac, with the names of our nearest and dearest, so even though you/they may not be with us in person, you can be with us in spirit.

‘Every night at the same time I look up at the moon and hold it tight in my heart.  I think of you a thousand miles away over land and sea looking up at the moon thinking of me’.

And for the other side, well all I’ve got to do is somehow paint a map of the Med on there – easy peasy!!

Laters xx

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