An evening stroll

 It was 17 degrees this morning in the boat and Meteo Max started the day in long sleeves and long trousers, coincidentally so did I!

By 1 o clock this afternoon the thermometer outside was reading 31 degrees, Meteo Max was now in his shades and budgie smugglers – I was by now on the third outfit of the day with the trousers becoming shorts of decreasing length and the sleeves becoming shorter and shorter.  It’s a blimmin nightmare to be honest all these wardrobe changes.

Back from our evening stroll it’s nearly 8 o clock, it’s now dark, the thermometer in the boat is reading 22 degrees but it feels considerably cooler outside.  Meteo Max is back to long sleeves and shorts, me I’m back to long sleeves and trousers, and there’s a chance I may need to put my fleecy socks on!

However a pleasant stroll was had, here are some of the sights.

Now this one which Craig took you need to look at carefully.

The boat in the foreground is being searched and by searched we mean the armed border control police are actually going through the bilge (the bit under the floor).  They went over to the boat via a high speed rib, from their patrol boat which you can see just to the right of the tree in the background.  We often forget that we’re only 100 miles off the north coast of Africa, less than 3 hours in a motor cruiser but clearly someone’s been a naughty boy on a naughty boat!

This one I took because I just thought the modern crane against the backdrop of the historical buildings was an interesting insight into the way Cartagena restores its history but still wants to move forward.  As part of the development of Cartagena it is now required that the facade of the building remains in tact, and in fact there are many examples in the city where there is basically just a frontage with no building as such attached.

This one, well just because I liked it!

This is the moody shot, the lights fading and it shows again the different architectural influences in the city.

Finally, there does now seem to be a lot more Spanish flags in the windows of homes and offices, I wonder why that might be!

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