La Catedral

Last night 8 of us went out to dinner to try a popular Cartagena restaurant ‘La Catedral’.

The restaurant gets its name from the next door church which is known locally as ‘The Cathedral of Cartagena’.  The restaurant was opened before the discovery of the Roman Theatre next door, so as you can imagine when the theatre was discovered the impact on the restaurant was considerable.

Dating from the 19th century the property is actually above the West Basilica of the Roman Theatre, and the base of the restaurant is formed by part of the monument.

The restaurant has therefore now incorporated some of the archeological remains into it, such as the blocks of white marble that run alongside the stairs to the basement room.

Also discovered in the basement was a well, which turns out to be the deepest (11 metres) discovered in all the archeological excavations carried out in the city.

There’s also evidence of Roman floor tiles 

The pics are a bit ropey but this is taken in a basement where the lighting is to create a restaurant atmosphere not a tourist attraction!

It’s actually a very interesting building and certainly some of the food looked very impressive

That’s Craig’s starter.  However for a fussy eater like me, and a veggie like my friend Val, the menu was somewhat limited.  And my food critic husband tells me, whilst it was nice, it was overpriced.  

So although a good night was had by all, and a medium amount of alcohol consumed, I’m not sure how many of the 8 would necessarily go back there.

Now, you’ve got to love Cartagena, we made our way back to the marina via the promenade, and there’s a folk festival going on.

And very good they were too, although I would describe it as more Country than Folk, not normally my cup of tea, but I do have to say there was a fair amount of toe tapping going on!  So all in all, another good night with good company in Cartagena.

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