Esta lloviendo!

It’s raining.

They say that October is the wettest month in Cartagena, and this afternoon it hasn’t stopped raining.  An enormous thunderstorm hit at about 2.00 this p. m, just after I had scrubbed the whole of the deck to get rid of the soot marks caused by the cruise ships.  Not impressed, this wasn’t a quick wash over with the big brush, this was hands and knees with a small scrubbing brush.

Had just started phase two of the clean, getting rid of the rust marks and the sky turned very grey.  Yes that is thunder you can hear!

And then the heavens opened.

Still it’s the first rain we’ve seen for six weeks so we can’t complain too much.  

So what do you do on a boat in the rain, well you sit and watch a film.  Today was The Inferno with Tom Hanks – not too bad at all

And now 4 hours later, the wind is howling and well, let’s just say, you can definitely tell you’re not on land.  

In other news this week, I can confirm that on Saturday Craig made another outing on the bike to the supermarket with a bigger trolley attached – I’m thinking of hiring him out to people on the marina to go and do their shopping for a fee, but it seems he doesn’t do much for English/Spanish relations as this week he indirectly managed to cause an argument between an old Spanish man and a younger Spanish woman.  It seems that Craig got distracted in the supermarket queue which created a gap and gave two old men an opportunity to queue jump.  The Spanish woman behind Craig was not at all impressed and an argument then ensued, He says that even though he doesn’t speak Spanish he could tell that the insults between the two were flying.

I assume he was still traumatised by the whole thing on Sunday and that’s why he and Ray managed to get through another bottle of brandy at the barbecue!

Tuesday we had the VHF radio replaced and had the radio on most of the day to check it was working, as the engineer had already had to come back after fitting it.  Over the radio we suddenly heard a Navy warship warning a small craft on its port side to turn away, then another warning, and another, this went on about eight times.  Then it became very serious, ‘you are in our security zone, if you do not turn away we will be forced to defend ourselves’ – this is bad.  So we sat watching out of the harbour waiting for the loud bang, or a plume of smoke, but thankfully it seems that whoever the idiot was in the small craft they got the hint.  

However husband has redeemed himself today as far as international relations are concerned as he had to go and pull a Russian chap out of the water – it seems he’d managed to fall in when tying up the boat.  Mmm, I’m not sure how competent the Russians are at sailing, as last night a Russian boat was literally pulling into the marina as it ran out of fuel.  Still, I suppose they did manage to make it in and not run out, out there somewhere, so that’s a plus! 

So, here we sit in the wind , bobbing up and down, and pulling backwards and forwards like some vomit inducing funfair ride – I wonder if anyone has ever got seasick in a marina before?

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