Fridays walkabout

We had to leave for tourist Friday later than usual today as we had a repairman on board for the VHF radio and by the time we were setting off it was already getting warm

We headed up to Castillo de la Concepcion which is on one of the five hills that protect the city, and was built in the 14th century using remains from the Roman Colony.  The locals call is ‘Castile de los Patos’,  ahah no need for Google Translate, I’ve done animals on Duolingo and I know patos equals ducks.  That’s explains the ducks in the grounds!  

The only disadvantage of going to the castle today was that we had to walk up about 300 steps to get there and because we set off later, by the time we got to the top it was boiling.

However the view of the city from the castle surroundings are fantastic.

Previously we had only seen the old bullring from ground level, but from the castle you got a much better view of what it was like,

The bull ring had its last bullfight in 1988, the walls are now held up with supports as they were collapsing.  On investigating why the walls were collapsing the initial investigations found it was actually sited on a Roman amphitheatre.

Along the outside of the walkway up to the castle was a row of murals, which I will investigate further on my next visit.

Roaming the grounds of the castle are peacocks, well at least one!  

Notice how the eyes from the tail feathers have been cut out.
So next time we go up to the castle we will prepared for the climb, and be able to spend more time there.  The climb down was obviously a lot easier and to treat ourselves when we got to the bottom, no not ice cream, much healthier than that – frozen yoghurt.

Well healthier until she put in the chocolate sauce, mini biscuits and smarties!  Dee-lish!

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