Creativity is intelligence having fun!

So said Albert Einstein

So this week we’ve been very intelligent with a little bit of Heath Robinson thrown in by you know who.

Our joint effort was to make mosquito screens for the rear berths, with the sole aim of protecting our little princesses (and other visitors of course) but mainly our little princesses when they visit.

We tend to find things work more harmoniously if we each have our individual roles within the project.  Mostly because husband likes to take charge, and I am adverse to taking orders (the only exception being when we’re sailing the boat!)

So a pop up storage bag became these, 4 near perfectly fitting mozzie screens

I, after 12 months since I bought it, finished my cross stitch cushion and then threw together a handy bookmark from the scraps

And finally, Heath Robinson decided he was going to cycle to the supermarket, but as yet we don’t have any baskets for the back.  So our usual pull along carrier became a mini trailer for the bike.  I did however make him cycle round in circles before he left to check the stability (of both rider and trailer)

He did, I’m relieved to say make it back in one piece albeit after a minor altercation with an old Spanish gentleman, but less said about that the better.

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