A brief stroll

This morning whilst Skipper was still in the land of nod, I went for a stroll.  For me it’s the best time to walkabout before the heat sets in, and the cruisers disembark.

I didn’t walk for long, maybe an hour or so, before my poor toes who haven’t seen the inside of a shoe for nearly 3 months scream at me to let them out!

Amongst other things today I found El Zulo, which was erected to honour the memory of people who died on the eleventh of March 2004, during the terrorist attacks in Madrid.

The translation of ‘el zulo’ is shelter or asylum.   The bronze sculpture is  just under five metres tall and weighs two tons and depicts a man who in fear is pulling his knees to his chest and burying his face, one source I read says it is representing a hostage situation.

Less than 50metres away, and on a somewhat more light hearted note is ‘The tail of the whale’.

Just there in the water.  It doesn’t seem to have a meaning, or represent anything, it’s just there.

The thing that I like about Cartagena is even wandering around before the Spanish day really starts there’s a hustle and bustle but it’s a relaxed hustle and bustle if that makes sense.  The whole city is within walking distance and all of the little side streets eventually lead to the main street ‘Calle Mayor’, so even I, with my geographical and directional failings can’t really get lost.

There’s so much more to see and to share, whether you’re interested or not I’m afraid.  Someone said to me last night that the Spanish say why would you go to Cartagena there’s nothing there, well from where I’m sitting I say, why would you not.

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