Wow, looks who’s joining us for breakfast!

This is the 12th largest cruise ship in the world.

Independence of the Seas – its 1,112 ft long and 184 ft wide, in new money that’s 339m x 56m.  Not that either of these really mean anything to me, all I know is that’s it’s huge, and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near it out on the seas on a dark night,  unless of course I was on any of the cruise ships number 11 and above!

It has among other things an interactive water park – yes we have one of those it’s called the ‘ocean’.  What we don’t have however is a two storey theatre, ahh but we have a tv, a cabaret lounge – well I have been known to do a song and dance in the saloon, however I’m afraid we can’t compete with the ice rink, climbing wall (oh no we have a mast we can climb), mini golf course and a Flowrider for surfing, although I’m sure I’ve got Flo rida on my iPod!!  Oh no not the same thing.

The one thing we have that they don’t, ah yes we don’t have to share our boat with 4,368 other people, oh yeah and we don’t have to go back to work next week!

One thought on “Wow, looks who’s joining us for breakfast!

  1. Well done with the cake I would have feed the fish and i know what boat I would sooner be on (Katuofcarrik) all the way keep baking x


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