The Great Boat Bake off

Yesterday Skipper tells me he is missing cake!

I’m told the number one job of any crew is to make sure the Skipper is kept happy at all times.  Well, we’ll see about that but cake I can do.

The kitchen in our old home had a baking cupboard constantly filled with supplies, and I had a wonderful Kenwood mixer, just the job for cakes etc.

Here, in my new home, I have a wooden spoon and some hand whisk thing from the dark ages, I mean it’s not even electric.

So as we have beautiful Spanish lemons, Lemon Drizzle it is.  Google Lemon Drizzle to check the recipe and heyho Mary Berry’s recipe comes up.

Ingredients: yes I have lemons, milk, eggs,butter

I do not have caster sugar or baking powder, but I do have granulated sugar and bicarbonate of soda.  Oh and most importantly self raising flour is not widely available in the supermarkets here, but I do have plain.

So we’ll turn plain flour into self raising, bicarb into baking powder and granulated sugar into caster sugar – ‘piece of cake’ pardon the pun.

Thank goodness for google.  Plain flour becomes self raising by adding baking powder (which we don’t have), so first job turn the bicarb into baking powder.  Omg, all I want to do is bake a cake and I’ve got to go through a chemistry lesson before I can even start. I’m not sure Mary Berry would approve of my Heath Robinson substitution method, but what’s the worse that can happen, it’ll taste pants, or give us food poisoning or end up in the bin.

But need to keep skipper happy so just get on with it woman.

So the ingredients are measured out and in the bowl, and it’s mixed with this hand whisk thingy and some muscle from Skipper.

It looks like cake mixture, and tastes like cake mixture

In th oven it goes, it takes 20 minutes longer than Mary says it will to cook, and by the time the cake is cooked the top is more the tan I would like to be than the tan I am, it’s on the outer fringes of burn.  But by the time I’ve put the topping on no one will be any the wiser, and if there a tinge of burn taste I’ll blame it on the Spanish ingredients!

Wait to cool and add the crusty lemon topping – she uses so much sugar for the topping, by hey who am I to argue with the Queen of Baking.

Topping on, leave to cool and hey ho a Lemon Drizzle.

And most importantly Skipper is happy

And as I post this half an hour later, he’s had his second piece and is yet to keel over.

If anyone does decide to make Mary Berry’s Lemon Drizzle, my advice would be use less sugar for the topping or up the amount of lemon juice used, it is somewhat sweet otherwise, and the sugar rush is enough to get skipper to put his FreeCell down, get up out of his seat and run around the marina.  No only joking nothing’s that powerful!

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