Friday – be a tourist

Fridays been designated be a tourist day – well for a few hours in the morning before it gets too hot.

The benefit of being a temporary resident is that we don’t have to visit all the sights in one day, unlike the constant cruise ship tourists.

For this mornings sightsee it was the Roman Theatre, which for some reason I really wanted to see (I’m not known as a great tourist).

The Roman Theatre was pretty amazing, the history of it is that it was built between 5 and 1 BC, which has been proven by a dedication found to Gaius and Lucius Caesar, the grandsons of Augustus.

In 1988 the first remains of the theatre were discovered and the archeological excavations and restorations were completed in 2003.

We’ve yet to visit the museum showing the finds during the dig, but the theatre itself was quite stunning.  Some photos below were taken without actually going in, which we’ll do when we visit the Museum.

The thing about Cartagena is when you’re up high, you need to look up!

And when you’re up high you need to look down!

And when you’re at street level you need to look up

Even some of the regular architecture is just beautiful, no two buildings are the same, and there’s a mix of historical influences.

So, first couple of tourist hours very successful, 5 miles walked (well wandered) and very much looking forward to the next outing.  Still another 30+ sights to see and all the time in the world to see them in.

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