Officially now liveaboards!

So the boats been cleaned, every berth has been scrubbed from top to toe, the laundrys done, and the Carrefour’s been visited at enormous expense!, and I know it’s early days (well 4, and they say first impressions count) but I genuinely feel that this is a good place to be.  

Since we arrived we’ve seen three cruise ships come and go, and taken part in a wedding reception from a distance (well the music was loud enough so we felt like we were there!).

Last night we took our first steps at immersing ourselves into the liveaboard community and went to the Sunday night BBQ in the marina.  There were about 40 people there, you basically take your own food and drink and just well chat and very enjoyable it was too.  Amazingly I’m almost becoming sociable!  It seems that the marina draws the same people here year after year and many were on their second season plus with this as their winter destination – so that can only be a good thing.

We’ve already got to know our next door but one neighbours, Ray and Maureen,  Leonard, from Sweden and another Brit couple.  Ray and Leonard are full of information about the city, but there are lots of liveaboards here and already we’ve picked up good bits of information for when we restart our travels next year.  Plus it’s always a confidence booster when you hear the trials and tribulations that others have been through and I’ve met one woman whose sailing knowledge is even less than mine.  She was amazed at Craig’s tale of us crossing the Bay of Biscay in 29 knots (he meant wind speed, she thought he meant boat speed).  Yes if we had a boat that went that fast (our average speed is 6.5 knots) I’d be a happy bunny.

I’m yet to meet the salty old sea dog who’s going to let me transcribe his memoirs, but maybe he’ll be on another table next week.

So I plan to restart the Duolingo Spanish again today, Maureen is also using it to learn, so she too can say that Jose eats turtles, but doesn’t like parrots, but is yet to learn the days of the week.  Still before you know it we’ll be jabbering away about the animal kingdom like nobody’s business!

Other Winter activities include Wednesday Tapas night, yoga (not for me, unless I can get craig in Lycra of course) and general bar crawls, so it’s all going on!

As for me, well last night Craig was immensely disappointed that he’d drained the last drop from his bottle of Cognac, so today I have to find the back up bottle, or the back up to the back up!

Laters xx

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