Happy 58th Birthday Skipper

So it’s skippers birthday, firstly I’d like to thank him from myself and Kuta for getting us here safely.

Let’s start with the highbrow questions

Favourite song and film

Ooh, god, that is a toughie ‘Freebird’

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid

Favourite comedian 

Lee Evans

Favourite actor

John Hurt

Favourite actress

Judi Dench

Favourite food and drink

Toss up between Beef Wellington and Lobster


Favourite place 

Ooh god, if I could only go to one of them where would it be, toss up between Bougainvillea Beach Resort, Barbados and Woolverstone (slight difference between the two!!)

If you could be a fly in the wall anywhere, where and when would it be

Thinking, thinking, in the Popes office listening to him dIscussing the churches attitude to paedophilia and child abuse!

If you could invite 6 people for dinner who would they be in addition to your wife of course

Franklin D Roosevelt 

Chairman Mao

Gareth Dawkins

David Attenborough 

Prof Brian cox

General Catherine Booth
What is your earliest childhood memory

Sitting next to a bonfire in the back garden of our house in Windsor Road, Ipswich with my grandad’s wartime gas mask on, staring into the fire at about 5 years old

What did you want to be when you grew up


What was your first job

Cleaning cars for friends and family

What did you spend your first wage packet on

First proper wage packet I spent all my money saving towards my first moped or going out with mates

What is your biggest career achievement

Development of some of the people who have reported to me

Specific achievement, being chosen to sit at the top table with Ranulph Fiennes at the VAG Group closing event for their sales excellence programme

What is your biggest achievement to date
Seeing my daughters happily into adulthood

Who has had the biggest influence on your life 
My Dad, for good and for bad

If you could relive a moment what would it be

The day that we arrived at the Bougainvillea Beach Resort, if I could ever you make you that happy again I’d be a very happy bunny (yes that was his actual answer!!)

If you could go back and do anything differently what would it be

Read law at university 

If you could give a 16 year old Craig a piece of advice what would it be

Read law at university

Biggest missed opportunity 

Not taking education seriously at the time it mattered

Are you missing anything about your old life (pre kuta)

My motorbike

Are you happy with your new life 

Ecstatically (blimmin good job really)

Where do you see yourself at 65

Sitting in a beautiful spot on our boat thinking of the people that mean the most to me

How would you like to remembered

As somebody who made a positive difference to the people I care about

What’s your best quality 


What’s your worst quality

Most annoying habit

Impatience. (I’m not sure that would be my answer!!)

What’s the one thing people might not know about you

I’m frightened of water. (Yes really, I only wish he’d told me this years ago!!)

What are your words to live by

Your future is only restricted by your own lack of imagination.
So there we have it, psychoanalysts among you draw your own conclusions.

The reality is that whilst he may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but those of us who truly know him know he is one of the most loyal, caring and loving people you could ever have in your life, and we all love him dearly.
Happy Birthday Husband xx

3 thoughts on “Happy 58th Birthday Skipper

  1. Dear Craig…Happy birthday! Living the dream. Would have liked a photo of you with gas mask in Windsor Rd!! Would have added a certain something to Donna’s blog. Seriously boy have a great day!

    Sending love Lindsey x🌈


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