Mary Poppins weather

You know that scene in Mary Poppins where the wind gets up and all the nannies fly away, well I swear if I were to put a brollie up today that would happen!

It is windy to say the least, the restaurant brollies are going on a jolly holiday, there’s glasses smashing and for the first time since we’ve been here it sounds like a marina,  I’ve had flashbacks of Woolverstone with halyards and lines clanging and boats swinging to and fro.  There’s something strangely normal about it.

The sailing charter catamaran has gone out today, we saw something sailing past and went up to the harbour wall to watch how it got on.  Walking up there was a feat in itself, got blown backwards several times and the wind was kicking up a dust storm – it actually stings when you walk through it.  I thought my tan had got a shade darker but I think it’s probably dirt.

I tried to video the catamaran but because I couldn’t actually see properly because of the wind I got an open expanse of water and my finger – probably could win some indie film award but I think we’ll send that straight to the delete box,  

The catamaran was rockin’ and a rollin’ – I’m told that they’re not the most stable of boats at the best of times, but watching this I’m sure there must have been some chundering going on by its occupants. It will be interesting to see their faces when they get back!  

You’ll be pleased to know that Anglo/French relations have improved slightly.  We did get a bonjour this morning, instigated by me I hasten to add.  And Craig’s good deed for the day was to pull their boat nearer to the pontoon so they could actually get back on it.  It seems they don’t have a passerelle.  Not sure how they would have managed otherwise, but if it was me I would have made Craig lay down flat and stretch himself between the pontoon and the boat so I could use him as a gangplank- yeah that would have worked and I’m sure he would have been accommodating to that idea, don’t you.

My weather guru tells me it’s meant to be like this all weekend, so given one boat has already been helped into its slot by the marina tender it should make for some interesting viewing!

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