The Dawkins glare strikes

There have been no new medusa sightings today, no new species.  Although I did spot in the water the species polia bagus, and it’s distant cousin plasticus cupus!

This afternoon our pontoon has been joined by a German boat and a French boat.  The French couple are right next door to us.

On awaking from my mid afternoon nap I asked Craig if he had spoken to our new neighbours – in a word ‘non’.  Now that’s not like him, he’ll talk to anyone, and strangely the couple are actually sitting with their backs to us, that’s odd.

Not it seems when Mr Dawkins informs me he gave the lady of the boat a bloody filthy glare when she used a metal boat hook to fend off when they came in.  That is evidently a definite no, no.  Most boats have a hook with a plastic end so no damage is caused, she evidently clamped down with metal and Mr D is not happy.  She was therefore the recipient of the Dawkins glare.

There’s isn’t even a particularly nice boat, or well maintained, he says.  So it is unlikely that Anglo/French relations will be forthcoming in this instance, and it will be a bit like living in Papworth where you just tolerate the neighbours!

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