A bloom of medusas

We were just commenting yesterday that we had only seen one, solitary jellyfish, or in Spanish, medusas.

Well this morning there are loads, not sure if it’s due to a change in water temperature or why they’ve decided to make an appearance all of a sudden.  Technically it’s not a load of jellyfish, it’s a bloom or swarm, I like the term bloom, Craig likes swarm – it’s my blog so I win.

Allegedly there are 7 different sorts in the marina, so today’s game is similar to those i-spy books that readers of a certain age might remember- let’s see how many varieties we can spot.

So far two types, but one we can’t match up to the pictures. Maybe we’ve discovered a new species, its Latin name will be Dawkinsia Kutalia!

The common name of the one we can identify is Mauve Stinger or it’s Latin name Pelagia noctiluca, and it’s high stinger!

And this is Dawkinsia Kutalia

So that’s today’s entertainment sorted.  I know the excitement/anticipation of whether we tick off all the types will be too much to bear but remember the BBC Blue Planet team take months to get the right shot so you’ll just have to be patient!

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