A little piece of heaven

So it was a quiet weekend, is there a point when we should feel guilty for doing nothing other than sitting, reading and taking it all in.

There were two minor collisions outside the restaurant, one sent a brollie and consequently a table full of glasses flying, the other a car vs car towing a boat coming from opposite directions.    Both resulted in much Spanish gesticulation, and a few choice words – sometimes s you don’t have to understand the language to understand the conversation!  I didn’t realise until then what a nosy little beak my husband has, ooh I’m just going for a wander up there.  I did a long nose gesture at him as he walked off, and he came back 10 minutes later trying to make out he hadn’t gone to see what was going on, no I was just going to see what the sea was doing out there.  Yeah, yeah, nosy Parker!

The wind started to pick up as anticipated Saturday afternoon, there’s now a spaghetti of lines going from the boat to the pontoon.  We definitely weren’t going anywhere.

A new boat arrived Saturday next to us, and well due to the wind it took 3 marineros, and an assisting Dane from the boat it just managed to miss to try and get it into its berth.  To be honest the Dane seemed to take control and do most of the work, but with the aid of the Marineros, a dinghy and lots of rope pulling they finally got it in straight.  Have to say made my rope throwing incident disappear into insignificance.

Craig and the chap on the boat Stuart were basically yelling across the boats having a conversation about the conditions outside.  Let’s get together for drinks later.  So we hosted the ‘sundowners’ as boaty people call it.  Sundowners is not just one quick drink, sundowners involves the consumption of several bottles of wine!  They had left the UK a month before us and had done the ARC Portugal, and were now making their way to the Canary Islands where Stuart was going to set off on the ARC Atlantic with a crew.  Alison, quite sensibly I thought, was going to fly out and meet him there in th Caribbean, yes given my experience across the Channel, if we decide to go transatlantic I may use that tactic myself.  We got some really helpful info from them about Ibiza where they’d been in August, so I think next season we’re definitely going to start the Balearics.  Bring on the foam party!

During the afternoon these ‘saucer’ clouds had developed, they are a sign of high winds, officially called Lenticular clouds.

It could be a rough night!

It wasn’t too bad, although I did feel a bit like I’d been in a tumble dryer when I woke up Sunday, and poor Craig hardly slept a wink I think, listening for every noise the boat was making.  Anyway there was no damage done.  Although this poor chap had obviously had some problems out at sea.

Yes that is a completely ripped sail!  That is just the top half remaining.

By Sunday lunch time the equilibrium was restored and we’re back to the gentle swell, just a constant reminder that yes, you’re on a boat.

It seems to have quietened down over the weekend in terms of tourists, by this morning, which my Ipad tells me is Monday we are the last of the visitors.  The remaining boats seem to be local, and winter mooring.  Still it is September, and when I woke up this morning I was mortified.  It was only 18 degrees, omg might need to find the flannelette pyjamas.  Oh it’s ok, checked the forecast and it’s going to be 29 degrees today.  phew!

So as there wasn’t much going on this weekend I threw together this model of the marina and surrounding area.  It’s amazing what you can do with some toilet roll tubes and sticky back plastic!

But I have taken the opportunity whilst it’s quiet to get some nice pics of the area.

These are of the marina, in which there’s two restaurants, a bar, two supermarkets (one actually sells fruit and veg), several dive shops, and a clothing shop selling beach wear and bikinis – more suited to a nubile 20 something, than a 40 something trying to hold the flesh in rather than expose as much as possible!

The marina was built around Penon de las Caballas (Mackerel Rock), that’s the rock in the earlier post, and considering it’s just a rock it’s actually quite stunning.  Just waiting for the sun to come round so I can photograph it properly.

This is the beach area and where we snorkelled, which is protected due to the Fauna.

And finally the surrounding area

It’s quiet here, the people are friendly and it’s by far the prettiest location we’ve been to so far, and better still not a jackhammer, or seagull covered car park in sight.

One thought on “A little piece of heaven

  1. Also best photos so far it looks amazing. I’m so jealous it’s my day off today after coffee with Val I have food Tescos washing ironing housework so stay where you are .ANd dinner to cook also I have my heating on so enjoy x


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