Best day so far!

So let me tell you a bit about where we are.  

The marina has boats coming in and out all day, it’s a real hive of activity, but not noisy and for a people watcher like me it’s great.  There is however a distinct swell, the boats constantly moving, and one couple who arrived yesterday have already left because they couldn’t stand it last night.  Me, I think it’s probably like being rocked as a baby in a crib, gently gently sending you to sleep.  My weather guru, who incidentally saw Hurricane Irma and Jose on before the weatherman said they were going to hit, tells me there’s a near gale forecast tomorrow, so I may feel differently about the swell on Sunday.

We’re berthed up in front of Restaurant David, which is coincidentally owned by a bloke called, wait for it, David!

Next door to his restaurant is another called El Barco.  David must be in his late 60’s and the guy next door the same.  Well the dynamic between them is amazing, they basically stand at the edge of their restaurants, eyeing each other up, but not acknowledging each other.  You can see them checking each other out to see how many customers they have, it’s like watching two gunslingers, twitching at their gun belts ready to draw their weapons!

It’s weird being with what is effectively our living end of the boat for the world to see.  We could have gone in bows to (front first) but the thought of mountain climbing over the anchor and around the forestay (the front mast for want of a better description) would I think have resulted in broken bones, and given I’ve got this far with no broken bones I think it’s best we stay as we are.

The marina is full of different kinds of fish, not like the previous ones we’ve been to where you only get one sort, and there’s about a dozen different types of jellyfish in the marina evidently, although we’ve yet to see any.

One of the things the customers in the restaurant like to do is throw bread rolls in for the fish.  Well to show you what then happens for demonstration purposes we got rid of some stale bread.  It’s an absolute feeding frenzy!  I did video it but the blimmin thing won’t load so I’ve given up trying, we’ll have to save the masterpiece of film making for another day.  Imagine the film Piranha and you’ll get the drift.

​​Anyway, It’s funny how the smallest of activities make for a good day.

Normal service after a journey resumed this morning and we cleaned the boat inside and out.  Ok nothing special.

Took 3 weeks worth of laundry to be done, now I wouldn’t normally be so decadent but there is no self service here, and R2D2 and me simply wouldn’t have coped with all that washing.  It’s going to cost a fortune but hey ho.  OK nothing special Donna, it’s laundry and you’ve only got yourself to blame for putting it off!

But last night on our little exploration we found the beach and noticed a little cove area where you could snorkel.  Well snorkelling is one of my most favourite things believe it or not.  So this afternoon we sauntered off to the beach and snorkelled, and it was fab, and most of all it made my day.  Being able to do something as simple as find a nice beach (with room), and swim and snorkel was one of the things that I was looking forward to about this adventure – so the hopefully the first of what will I’m sure be ‘best day so far’.

Laters x

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