No. No, no!

This is what we woke up to this morning – turn the volume up


​Yes a jackhammer to the left and circular saw to the right.  This is so wrong, this isn’t how it’s meant to be.

Well if we don’t like something we can always move, provided we can actually get in where we need/want to go, so that’s what we did.

I ve been waiting to arrive at this destination since the day we started, but on the way I just had the sense I was going to cock something up, I could feel it in my bones.

So the journey itself was uneventful although it has to be said that the mountainous coastline was quite spectacular and completely different from what we had already experienced.

But clearly they’re not worried about the cliffs eroding.

However, yes I did cock up, not once, but twice. Craig manoevered up to the waiting berth, and after all my lassoing practice I held on to one end, it therefore didn’t get all the way to the chap on the pontoon, his arms weren’t 8ft long unbelievably and hence yes the lines tied one end to the boat and one end in the water! poo.

(As an aside he also wanted me to tell him how far away from the pontoon we were, does he not remember I’m spacially disadvantaged, so I find the easiest thing is to start at a number and just gradually reduce it!)

So we do all our paperwork and make our way to the berth which happens to be in front of a restaurant. Now you would have thought I would have just learned, you are not lassoing you are throwing, alas not! Still if you’re going to cock up why not have an audience.
Anyway as you would expect I have severely chastised myself, Craig says ‘get over it it’s done’ umm have you met me!

So here we are a mere 15 miles away, in Marina del Este, which is located in La Herradura, Almenacar (Granada). It’s a marina within the same group as Duquesa so needless to say my expectations were high.  And it has not disappointed.

Marina del Este is known for the quality of its seabed that have turned the area into a privilege for divers as it is immersed in the Natural Marine of Maro-Cerro Gordo cliffs, declared by UNESCO as Specially Protected Area.
This is the view to the bow of the boat, which somewhat overshadows last nights car park.

It is a beautiful area, so looking forward to exploring here.


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