Farewell Fuengirola 

Hooray, we’ve moved!

Bye bye Fuengirola 

We’re now 30 miles up the coast in a place called Caleta de Velez.  I’m now not stressing so much about having to pre-plan our moves. Because everything is so transient you can’t, boats stay longer and leave earlier than they anticipate due to weather conditions, so you ring the day before or the morning of the day you want to leave and hope for the best.  Someone we spoke to said she rings as they’re approaching, not that brave yet, plus I know for a fact that she didn’t get into Fuengirola, because we took the last space!

We had a good journey passing Malaga, although one stretch of coastline along this bit looks much like another during the day, I would think it’s the night where these places come into their own.

Once again Craig performed an excellent stern to, and it is always less stressful when the marineros are helpful.  I actually managed to get the mooring lines where they should be with no hitches this time, so that’s progress.  Haven’t quite got the hang of these slime lines yet though.  Still baby steps.

But this spot is quieter and prettier, generally, in one direction we are overlooking a car park!

The marina is nice and as has been the case in all the places we’ve been so far the staff are really pleasant and welcoming.

Once we’d berthed a lad came into the marina on what looked like a Marty McFly hover board – it looked amazing, so this weeks task is to get my husband out on one of those.  With his windsurfing experience I’m sure he’ll be a natural, me well since I got off the boat today I have been rocking, and bearing in mind he gets a look of despair every time I walk along the passarelle I’m not sure either of us have enough confidence in my balancing abilities!

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