Beyond the seafront

Today we walked West.  There’s another beach on the west side and today it looked like this

Parasols r us must have done a roaring trade and if you squint and hop on one leg you can see a few gaps.

According to the history of Fuengirola, historical reference was made of the town during the 2nd century BC. Roman remains have been found and there’s the landmark Fuengirola Castle, no its not the name of a pub, it is actually a castle originally built in the 11th century. So it seems Fuengirola has been around long before the onslaught of holiday makers, KFC and Burger King!

If you leave the seafront and go as little as two streets back into the town, ooh how things change.

The shops get better, although I am still a little confounded by this one

Yes everything in it was made of cork; bags, hats, shoes, belts, it was a cork lovers dream.  Sadly no sale from us, the only cork we like is the one in the wine bottle!

But much like Duquesa there’s lots of nice sculptures and some pretty little areas just to watch the world go by.

And in the Plaza de Concepcion, there’s a lovely looking church

So there is more to Fuengirola than meets the eye once you get beyond the tourist zone.  Long, narrow streets of shops and restaurants, with apartments over them with typical Spanish Juliette balconies.  

However, as was the case in Duquesa they really have no concept of health and safety.

A certain Health and Safety consultant I know could rake in a fortune over here!

Sadly we couldnt go very far today, it’s been so hot and so humid it was overpowering and to be honest I just found it too oppressive.  Thank goodness for the outdoor shower on the back of the boat.  Normal body temperature resumed!

​And as the sun sets on another day, if you look beyond the hotels and apartments there’s actually a rather beautiful sky up there!

2 thoughts on “Beyond the seafront

    1. Hi, yes but at least Southend had the Peter Pan funfair! Yes moving on as soon as we can, it’s all dependent on space at our next destination. Meanwhile have learnt to block out the jet ski noise and just enjoying the sun!


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