24 hours in

This morning we did some work on the boat, the speed gauge had fouled up and wasn’t working on the way here.  Not a difficult job although remember that in order to measure the speed the gauge had to come out of the bottom of the boat.  So what happens when you unscrew the gauge, yes water comes in.  It’s quite disconcerting hearing the water come in, no it’s not a  huge great flow but please get that plug in sharpish.  
Needless to say skipper did a fine job of cleaning the gauge, checking it worked, putting it back in and the boat didn’t sink, so that’s a bonus!

It’s been blimmin hot here today and the breeze has been virtually nil.  So there was only one thing for it, a trip to the beach.

Sorry, sorry, sorry to all Fuengirola lovers but this is not our cup of tea!

The beach was crammed, that’s understandable it’s a holiday resort, and people like their beach holidays.  But a. there was no space, fair enough, we’ll just dump our towels and go in, but b.   We’d need to swim around the paddle boards, and pedaloes. But the deciding factor was c. the water was minging, you could see the scum on the water, yes holding tank syndrome.  I know blame the boat owners!    Needless to say we gave the swim a miss, sadly.

Well we need some bits so we’ll go to that supermarket we spotted last night.  But that it seems was holidaymaker orientated, yes if you wanted beer, spririts, pringles and donuts ok.  Fresh fruit and salad, obvs holidaymakers don’t want those.

Still looking on the web there’s a Spainsburys nearby.  Yes it is called Spainsburys!

So east of the marina, there’s a full beach, a Burger King, KFC, MacDonalds, bars, all you can eat buffets.  Yes it’s the ‘normal’ holidaymakers dream.

So we still have to go west, maybe that might be an improvement.

But to give you an idea, this is a pic of the harbour wall, there were four policeman in a van, and I’m not sure you can tell but this one’s carrying an assault rifle!

But the highlight of the day was this sight of starting the sailing bug young

Still tomorrow’s another day!

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