Adios Puerto de la Duquesa

We left our home for the last month this morning.  Adios Pantalan 4, you have been kind to us!

So they offered us a fantastic deal on an annual berth, yes we were tempted, but as they seem to say these days ‘we’re on a journey’, although we’re actually on a real one!

Now the purists out there, and those that don’t understand sailing, will no doubt wonder if we are ever going to sail anywhere now we’re on our own.  Well yes we will, but to be honest it’s a bit difficult when the wind is doing this.

Yes absolutely nothing!

We did put the genoa up for some of the way (for the uninitiated that’s the small sail at the front).  Here’s proof if you don’t believe me, so it was a mixture of motoring and motor sailing.

So we’ve travelled 40 odd miles up the coast, we’ve past Puerto Banus, and Marbella.

We’ve also passed lots of day sailors, lots of flying fish and lots of emptied holding tanks.  Now you remember what they are don’t you.

Well we are now at our next stop, and needless to say we must have been spoilt with Duquesa marina.  We are in Fuengirola, and first impressions, which as they say count for everything, it’s a f*****g sh*th*le.

But I am trying to become a better person, so I will give it more than the one hour it’s taken for me to form my opinion before I give a definitive view, which will be mostly based on the quality of the showers and toilets!

However, given the amount of bright pink holidaymakers going in and out opposite us on jet skis and in little power boats, I doubt very much that it will change.

Needless to say even the quality of the majority of the boats we’re surrounded by is ‘poor’!

Take this one for example, which given the speakers on the rails, is probably the equivalent to a boy racers customised Ford Fiesta!

We were meant to be staying here a week, but alas I’m not sure we’ll make it past the weekend.

Laters peeps x. Wish me luck.

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