With the best intentions – the finale

Day 2 no action
Day 3 16.01h

A new marinero, just a line and a hook. I’m disappointed, I so desperately wanted a deep sea sub, with remote control arm.  

What skills do they think this marinero has that the others don’t. He’s not even hitting the passarelle, you don’t get the familiar clunk as metal hits metal.

He’s now throwing the rope in all directions, at this point it looks like the passarelle has scuttled off on a holiday of its own.

At the moment we’re contemplating going in to retrieve it, I mean this is painful.

16.10h he’s giving up already, clearly this isn’t going to work, what a poor show of effort. And he’s gone – it wasn’t worth even turning up for that pitiful display. There are no marineros left who haven’t tried yet, I’m going to google translate deep sea sub in Spanish and suggest it loudly the next time one comes past.
Day 4 1130h a vans arrived with the marinero who dropped the passarelle. This must be the crack diving team, ones putting a fetching pair of red trunks on, but I’m so disappointed where’s my mini sub! He has scuba gear, yes a diver, noooo it’s just a snorkel, pathetico

He’s in, he seems to be searching around, it’s a bloody great big piece of metal, it can’t be that hard to spot!

He’s got the hook round it, it’s returned omg, only 4 days since it went in the water. Red trunk man hoses himself off, I would too if I’d been in this water. They all pat each other on the back, a job well done. I wonder if the marinero ever admitted to them that he was the moron who dropped it in the first place.

Well what an anti climax that was, shame the solution wasn’t as vivid as my imagination

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