With the best intentions …

This morning the boat opposite us was blowing into the pontoon wall, and Craig being a good neighbour told the marina, as the boat was likely to get damaged and the owner isn’t around as he’s probably still recovering from his Friday night hangover.

A marinero came down, all he needed to do was tighten the ‘slimeline’ (its official name is the lazy line or mooring line, these are two lines running off the pontoon wall to a concrete block on the marina bed, which you then take up each side of the boat to the bow or stern, depending which way you’re facing to secure you).

So it really wasn’t a major job.

So the marinero gets on the boat via the passerelle (we’ve been here already so I won’t remind you what this is). But alas the marinero adjusts the lines not taking into account the passerelle, which was on the pontoon at one end and the boat at the other. I say was, rookie mistake it’s now at the bottom of the marina!

So he gets his grappling hook, but to no avail he cannot hook onto the passerelle, which is now in the water, under the pontoon.

He leaves, unsuccessful!

Three hours later, two different marineros arrive, with grappling hook. No luck. And I’m sure if I could understand Spanish, there might be some ‘if only the bloody Englishman had minded his own business’. 


Now they come heavy handed, yes they have a boatpole and a grappling hook!  
So after several goes at dropping the hook into the water, and prodding around with the pole, no luck. They’ve left.

Now why one of them doesn’t just get his trunks on and go in, I don’t know. It’s not like there’s blimmin piranhas or the like in there. I mean yes there are fish but they’re much too big to be piranhas.  

I now envisage there’s going to be some deep sea diving operation, maybe with a mini sub with a remote controlled arm to grasp the passarelle. Think Captain Nemo /Jacques Cousteau.  Or knowing my luck it’ll just be the fat one in his trunks!

To be continued…

(Sorry the photos are a bit pants, but I had to take them covertly and unlike the British paparazzi, there are no bushes to hide behind!)

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