With the best intentions – part II

19.39h (our time)

Phase 4 of the mission commences, the marina have sent in their crack squad, one marinero and his super sophisticated tools, a much longer rope on the end of a grappling hook.

He battles against the sun, as he aims the line and hook into the water, fortunately he’s wearing his sun vision goggles, so it’s ok, he’ll make it. Looks like he could have done with some of the lasso practice I had last week!

It’s not working, he changes his approach, stealthily he crouches down on the bathing platform at the back of the boat, possibly hoping to creep up on his prey, but alas it continues to evade him.

He’s been joined by a colleague, who is this mysterious man in the yellow shirt. He’s on the radio, calling mission control. Omg I wish I could speak Spanish. Blah, blah, blah passerelle.

The yellow shirted one is clearly the brains of the operation, they’ve got two ropes and are trying a pincer movement. And the squads been strengthened, they are now a team of three, Oh no, yellow shirt is leaving, clearly not willing to part of what he can see is a failing operation.  

He had it, oh no, it’s like one of those games in the arcade where the big hook comes down, you win the toy your kid wants, you’re so close, noooooo. It’s lost.

No, another one seeing failure is leaving, abandoned and alone the marinero battles on. Man vs passarelle.
20.04 clearly guilt ridden at leaving his colleague to battle on alone, the marinero returns, but it seems he can offer nothing more than emotional support as at 20.06 they pack up the specialised equipment and head off defeated.

It would seem they will need to pick up this mission another day, once they have regrouped, reassessed the strategy and come up with new tactics.

To be continued …

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