Puerto de la Duquesa – the east side

So it transpires that Puerto de la Duquesa was built in the 1980’s between what were two fishing hamlets, Castillo de la Duquesa, which we saw yesterday, and Sabinillas.

Needless to say the walk along the seafront promenade of Playa Sabillias is not nearly as pleasant.  

It’s row upon row of apartment blocks until you get to Sabinillas itself, which has now become a working town, with lots of the residents being those who work in Gibraltar.

They have tried to prettify it, and there are some amazing mosaic works.

But alas it also has some of the usual sights you would see in any working town, yes good old …

For me it certainly wouldn’t be a holiday destination.

Now one thing we did see was this, 

Now it looks like nothing, and caused great debate between Monsieur and myself as to what angle you were meant to look at it from.

He said this one

I said this one

Anyway after our little trek, I have reaffirmed my belief that I need to sightsee the way I shop.  

Unlike my daughter I have never been one to spend a whole day wandering around the shops, all of the shops, twice!  When I shop (which I hate) I know what I’m going to buy and where I’m going to get it from.  No wandering around aimlessly looking in shop windows just in case.

So it could be that there are two sightseeing trips, one where Craig can wander around aimlessly peering at everything, much as he does when he goes shopping (which is why we only go together twice a year and all our food shopping was done online!), and then a joint one where I know what I want to see, how I’m going to get there and what order they should be done in.

Ah he says but you might miss something that you don’t know is there, ah but if he’s done his wandering already I figure he’ll know if there’s something I might be interested in and can add it to the list.

I am not a great sightseer, I have to be dragged to see things, but I am realising that needs to change if we are going to make the most of our travels moving forward as I will miss things that I may never get the chance to see again.  So I’m happy to try and evolve, that is as long as my list comes along too!

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