Puerto de la Duquesa

So finally today after 10 days of marinating, we went for a walk beyond the marina!  I know, how brave we are, so here’s what the west of Puerto de la Duquesa has to offer.

As we walk out of the marina, we have the Torre de Control, quite a quaint little building which houses the marina office and facilities

Then looking towards the town centre there’s a plethora of bars, restaurants and apartment buildings

Look there’s us in the marina 

Right next door to us is the beach, Playa de las Gaviotas, which translates to Seagulls beach.

Anyway a walk along the beach, takes you past the usual apartment blocks, but there are some pretty little bits, it’s not all towels over balconies, and a rather colourful array of benches, which it has to be said are much more attractive than the wooden park benches at home.

This last one, which you can see has a castle/fort on it, is coincidentally right in front of the Castillo de la Duquesa, which also gives its name to the fishing hamlet in which it sits.

The castle was built in 1767 – not sure how long this chap has been waiting around for, possibly since 1767!

But you get a pretty good idea of the surrounding area from the top

The surroundings are really mixed, there’s a mixture of apartment blocks and then huge plots of wasteland, I suppose just waiting to be built on, but it’s all really clean and tidy – they do after all send a tractor across the beach every morning to pick up the larger stones and rake over the sand.

Castillo de la Duquesa has the usual harbour wall, with plenty of fisherman, although even on the wall near to the marina we have yet to see anyone catch anything.

Today because the winds still gusting the waves were really beating against the rocks, although it has quietened down since Friday when it was more like a surfing beach next to us.  At some points even today you can see from the boat the waves coming across the top of the harbour wall.

El Castillo (as it’s known) is a lot less touristy, the beach is quieter and the restaurants full of locals rather than Brits having an egg and chips lunch.  

But it’s still made itself attractive enough for a nice walk and a change of surroundings.

So we’re still deciding if we’re going to stay here longer or head off at the end of week, Craig’s keeping a watchful eye on windy.com – remember red is bad, nice light shades of blue is what we want.

Tomorrow we’ll venture to the east side of Puerto de la Duquesa, although a previous look tells me this is where all the Brits are, so it may be a short walk!

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