Who stole the sun?

I mean it’s just not on when you get up in the morning and have to put proper clothes on.

So last night after a very enjoyable fish and chips, the temperature had dropped to a whole 23 degrees and I swear I had goosebumps!  Wrapped up in a blanket no less, we sat down to watch a DVD, not sure if anyone has seen Babel, but omg what a load of old crap.  Three quarters of the way through gave up, I mean me, I’m a guns, fast cars, and fight fan, think Jason Statham film – but this was, well, pants to say the least.

So that’s still stuck in the tv at the moment, and will be cast aside behind one of the settees never to be seen again.

Craig, by the way, has just put a hoodie on, and Meteo max (who is wearing a long sleeved top) at this moment is saying it’s 22 degrees – how mad is that, we’d be glad of 22 degrees at home!

Anyway, I digress, so settled in for the night, and me well I’m oblivious to what goes on once I’ve got my earplugs in! But Craig well he’s up on deck and back again like a yoyo once the wind starts picking up – ‘I heard a noise I don’t know what it was, I need to go and check everything all over again’. I mean it may be starting to get windy but believe you me this boats going nowhere, it’s got more lines on it than a cocaine den!

So woke up this morning ready to don the preprepared swimwear, to be greeted by cloud.  Cloud! That’s not on, and wind.  Now wind isn’t a problem, but it’s the bloody noise, whistling and ringing and loose lines clanging on the masts.  I’ve been asked to add ‘not on our boat I hasten to add’

I took a video, although having played it back I’m not sure it does the noise justice, but turn the volume right up, and any Hollywood movie director won’t have to worry about losing out to on an Oscar this year.

I know it’s nothing like the weather you’ve had at home, so sorry, I’m not complaining really!  But Dad seriously this noise would drive you mad, and you know how you hate the wind messing up your hair!

Craig’s just ventured off like Scott of the Antarctic on his first expedition to get some pics from the harbour wall, he has been told to stay away from the edge, and I’ve packed him some supplies, life jacket and safety harness just in case – no only kidding.  It’s alright he’s well insured.

And a look outside is showing some concerned faces of peeps who were planning to leave today, the wind itself isn’t really the problem, it’s the gusts that you catch you out.  And if I was on a training boat with a family of four I’m not sure I’d want to be putting them off sailing for life on a day like today!  Although they did say last night they were going to be practising man overboard today, maybe they should have done that yesterday!

So looks like it won’t be another day of marinating in the sun, which is coming along very nicely by the way, may soon give LJ a run for her money, which probs means I’m going to have to do some chores, as it would appear it’s the maids day off.  Then again I may just sit and try and get through the Candy Crush level I’m stuck on and leave it for the maid to do when she gets back.

Laters xx

(P.s. I have noticed I use rather a large number of exclamation marks when writing these blogs, so apologies to the punctuation police for that!!)

4 thoughts on “Who stole the sun?

  1. Hi donner sorry but that’s not noise I’m happy to swap places with you .i have a big fat pigeon in a tree by my bedroom window it I could get to it I would kill it it starts at 4am .all sound like fun


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