Ooh it’s blowin’ a hoolie!

Yes I know it’s a sailboat, I know wind is what we want but not whilst you’re in the marina thanks, and the gusts have got husband on pins who’s constantly checking that the fenders are in the right place and the lines are tight.  Settle down man, it’s only 20 knots and it’s going to get worse.  Plus we’re not going anywhere because we’re literally sandwiched between two other boats.

The worst thing about the wind is it’s so damn hot, the wind is actually hot!  Monsieur was going to go fo a walk but decided it’s too hot, now when you can’t even go for ice cream it must be bad.  Meteo max is saying 36 degrees in the boat, if he could I’d swear he’d be as naked as the day he was born!

Excitement of the day was the crane lifting a boat getting caught by a gust of wind and nearly sending it into the quay – not the best way to start a days work.

So over the last few days since we got here on Thursday, we’ve done well nothing, and it’s been great.  Oh we did clean the boat inside and out, went for a walk to find ice cream, went for a couple of swims in a quite cool sea, and apart from that sweet fanny adam, we’ve just sat and basted in a marinade of suncream.  And it’s been bliss.

I did spot some bikes next to the marina office this morning and suggested we might hire a couple of those in the next few days just for a laugh – I can’t remember if I told Craig I was the only one in the whole primary school to fail their cycle proficiency test and that was in the days before they used to give you a badge just for turning up as there weren’t winners or losers.  No I had to suffer the humiliation of being the only one in the school assembly not to go up and collect a certificate, I can still remember the pitying look in the headmasters face, all because I didn’t think I needed to bother indicating to the drivers if I was turning left or right.  I mean I can’t remember the last time I was driving and a cyclist bothered to indicate.  Anyway needless to say a bicycle ride might be fun, for one of us anyway.

It’s pretty quiet here in the marina, and the resort, Tuesdays changeover day, so at least last night we were saved from the murdering of some tune, which was so bad I can’t even tell you what the song was, at the karaoke bar. And the young twenty something couple staying on daddy’s motorboat opposite us, who felt the discreet wrath of Mr Dawkins, when they emptied their holding tank into the marina have also gone.  For anyone who doesn’t know that’s where the boats waste matter from the loos etc goes.  They were aware quietly but in no uncertain terms that he was knew it was them.  For those of you who know him well you’ll know that that’s worse than a loud and obvious confrontation.

So I know that probably as part of this blog it would be nice to see some pics of where we actually are, well they may follow, if and when I can be bothered to get my skinny arse off this comfy seat, under this shady Bimini.

Laters xx

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