Random things!

1. Now call me judgmental, but how do some of these people afford some of these boats?  

2. I hate communal changing rooms.

3. Fat women should not be allowed to go topless – yes I am judgmental

4. Sand gets hot!

5. The sea in the med is not as warm as you might think

6. Even if people are speaking in a foreign language you can still tell when they’re being insulting.

7. People smugglers use jet skis to transport their ‘cargo’ from Africa to Spain – yes we saw it happen, 2 jet skis with three hooded people going to shore and only coming back with one on each.

8. When you look at the land from the sea you can see the yellow air pollution haze above the land.

9. It looks like family is everything to the Spanish and it’s great to see generations of one family enjoy spending time together.

10.  Sunsets are beautiful no matter where you are in the world 

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