Decisions, Decisions.

It’s another gloriously hot day on the Costa del Sol.  It’s so hot even the locals are hosing themselves down!

So yesterday we started to plan the next legs of our trip that will eventually take us to Cartagena.  Windy indicated that the day we were due to leave here there would be some winds we would rather not tackle at this stage, so we thought sod it, we like it here let’s just stay another week.  So that’s what we’re doing, and do you know what we may stay beyond that.  I mean there’s no rush, and we’re retired now everything’s meant to be more leisurely.

So for the next week all we have to worry about is which swimwear to put on, what factor suncream to use, oh yeah and most importantly what flavour ice cream to have today!  I know it won’t always be this idyllic so we’ll just make the most of it while we can.

Already there’s a list of jobs to be done over the winter, one of the major jobs is the passerelle, this is the ramp that gets you off the boat and onto the quay if needed.  Lots of the motorboats here have very clever remote control jobs, that lift up and slide out.  Being tight wads, we refused to spend £400 on a boat one, so our solution at present is this.

Yes it’s Craig’s old bike ramp (personally I think he bought it as a last reminder that he used to have a motorbike!). His job over the winter is to turn it into something more boatlike, like this one.

So he’s already started thinking about what he’s going to do with marine ply, some stainless sttel screws, and a can of spray paint.  At this moment in time I’m just waiting for the graph paper and technical drawing pencils to come out.

So there will be a major reveal in the months to come, let’s see if he’s got the wherewithall to add a remote control function!

3 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions.

  1. So. You have the framework for a ramp plus 2 lovely boards which I am sure Donna can do a pretty paint number on such as deckchairs , sailboats , welcome on board or even motor bike stencils. So then you’ll have something totally unique and beyond compare that does the job Just need pram wheels or a skate board to help with onshore movements of the rolling kind


    1. Yes believe it or not Craig has come up with an interim solution until we get to Cartagena and has stolen two wheels from one of our storage trays! I think he’s planning to go out tonight under the cover of darkness to find an unsuspecting Spanish youth with a skateboard! Love the idea of jazzing up the washboards, hadnt thought of that, I’ll get my creative head on once it cools down a bit!!


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