Goodbye Gibraltar, hello the Med.

So we left Gibraltar this morning with no problems, even fuelled up with no problems, you know I think eventually we might be quite good at this getting in and out of marinas lark, which any yachtsman knows is the most stressful part of any journey.  All you peeps who drive around the car parks looking for the easy spaces know what I mean!  In comparison it’s like picking your ideal spot and finding the road is moving sideways.

Say goodbye Gibraltar 

And hello the Costa del Sol

So we made it we’re actually in the Med! And it’s hot!

We’ve found a marina about 18 miles south west of Marbella where we will stay for at least the next week.

Craig did an excellent job putting the boat in stern to between two other boats with not much room to spare

Anyway we are in Puerto de la Duquesa, and so far it seems just our kind of place, the beach is right next to the marina, and what looks like the town is 200m away – it just has a really nice feel to it, although it is slightly more expensive than I would have liked.  But one of the downfalls of coming away when we have is it’s high season, and unfortunately Craig’s not going to risk anchoring up, as some of them do not appear that secure so until we get to Cartagena it’s likely to be marinas all the way.  We have thought that before high season starts next year we are going to go and explore the Balearics, so at least we’ll be there and settled before all the bloody tourists turn up.

The plan for the next week is to have some chill time, our time in Gibraltar was full on and at times very stressful, and no I didn’t get to go in that cable car.  To be honest from the bits we did see if it, it’s a bit of a dump!  Apologies to anyone with Gibraltan roots.

As yet we haven’t had a chance to recover from what we’ve achieved in the last fortnight, and so I’m hoping that this really is the start of what we set out to achieve and the future we wanted for ourselves, and our family.

I’m sure it won’t all be plain sailing but so far, so good.

Anyway, white bits to get brown so off to find the sun!

Laters xx

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