I thought I was retired now!

So, someone forgot to tell the world I am now retired.

So far today, in order of accomplishment I have:

Killed a squadron Of carnivorous mosquitos that decided to nibble on my husband in the night 28 times!  Poor thing.

Been a boat valeter, and it seems once again I can’t be trusted with the hose and have to do the hard labour.

Done some more laundry- yes the service wash of 15 kg wasn’t quite enough to cover it all.  Now tell me, I have my r2d2 and I live on a boat – how do you still end up with one odd sock!  I mean it’s unbelievable!

Took a trip to the supermarket for supplies, of all things it’s a Morrisons, now Gibraltar may be known as a tax haven, but I swear you’d need to not pay tax to afford the food. Cigs and booze, they’re a bargain, but food, omg it’s about 2/3rds more expensive – 7 MarsBars for 3 quid, that’s daylight robbery.  Anyway saw some of the sights (or should that be sites) of Gibraltar on the way, that is a lot of cranes, building works and renovations.  TBH you could have been in a big town or city anywhere in the world.

One rather welcome sight on route was surprisingly a big yellow M, and no I did not succumb.

Back to the boat to be an assistant engineer, I was given the very highly qualified position of holding the torch. Which I did surprisingly well, I didn’t get shouted at once.

Anyway then Donna’s pamper parlour opened and I became a pedicurist and hairdresser.  Yes, my wifely duties include attending to Craig’s manky feet – the things we do for love! And at least he no longer looks like Liam Gallagher – it’s a good job he can’t see the back though.

Next accountant and banker, then finally a pile of ironing to be done.

I thought I was retired, but someone forgot to tell everyone else it seems.

So tomorrow’s plans include an engineer visit, and another trip to Morrisons, and I might if I’m lucky even get to go on that cable car going up the rock which I can see from the boat.

We do have a meal booked at La Sala, courtesy of my colleagues at Ewing Associates to look forward to.

It is with almost near certainty that we will leave gibraltar on Thursday having seen nothing other than the marina, macdonalds and Morrisons.

So our next destination is Puerto Sotogrande , where will anchor up for a while and actually start to chill, well we can live in hope can’t we.

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