Skippers ramblings – 2

Welcome to only my second contribution to our website.

Thus far I have chosen to leave you in the far more capable and amusing hands of my wife, Donna.

However, we are now almost 2 weeks into our journey, and as Donna types this for me we are 50 miles off the southern tip of Spain, in the Atlantic and nearly 70 miles from our first major targeted destination, Gibraltar.

As I stand here scanning the horizon I can see no evidence of human occupation on what I now realise even more is our beautiful planet. Donna has shared many details of the trip so far so I won’t repeat these.  However, suffice to say in the last 2 weeks we have seen things; stormy seas, wildlife, sunrises and sunsets,  moons and starry skies so thick with sparkles of light it looks like cloud.

While I contemplate our arrival in Gibraltar I remember that our family have been gathering this weekend along with nearest and dearest friends of my beloved brother Gareth to remember him on his birthday in Woolverstone, the place he loved so much.  

So far we have covered nearly a thousand miles in 2 weeks, 4.5 days of which we spent in the refuge of the marina in Camaret hiding from the storms which subsequently hit the UK.

Being hundreds of miles out to sea in the Bay of Biscay can leave you with a strange sense of loneliness, being so far away from the ones you love, however many of you may remember that at both the funerals of my Mother and brother I shared the belief that with the ones you love all you need to do is shut your eyes and they are there.

Well in the last 2 weeks I’ve shut my eyes quite a lot, more than once just to hide from the reality of an approaching wave, but more often than not just to be with the people I love.  As my family remember Gareth they must rest assured that despite our current isolation we are remembering them and him too.

I had hoped to share much of this journey with my brother, and had thought that opportunity had been lost, now I know he has been my constant companion and friend for the last 2 weeks. All I’ve needed to do is shut my eyes.

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