Nearly on the home strait!

No that’s not a typo, it’s literal!

This is Tarifa on the southernmost tip of Spain.

And this my luvvlies through the haze is Morocco! 
A few hours and finally we’ll be there, hoo blimmin rah!

2 thoughts on “Nearly on the home strait!

  1. Enjoy the vino beware of the apes they are really scary if you walk up (not recommended) Glad you and kuta arrived safely we have been following your progress. We are still stuck in Lymington awaiting papers! We went out today and anchored to try it out and blew up to 30kt. Looks like you had some good anchorage son way down. Glad to hear you had a boring Biscay. Did the new back rear seat cushions get used ? I may get Hilary a sewing m/c A toast to you all well done
    Jim Hilary


    1. Believe it or not we are actually stern to stern with a Discovery 55. Kuta did us/you proud. Thanks for your kind wishes, and good luck when you set off on your travels. Craig and Donna


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