Can ya tell what it is yet?

Today’s view, just so you can see it’s not all sunshine and blue skies. This is at 7.00 this morning.

Yes it’s a view of nothingness, surely a contender for the National Geographic most boring seascape photo of the year!

So we’re currently motoring on to Gibraltar, unfortunately no sailing at all yesterday as the winds were too light and not looking like any today either.

May have a delay in our trip as it seems we may get to the next fuel point whilst it’s still shut.  Piss poor planning by the skipper!  Fortunately for me, husband does have an extra fuel can and a back up to the back up to the back up if required. I take back everything I ever said about  his ocd for spares!

Overnight watch was more exciting than usual, Craig and I spotted whales less than 100 m off the starboard and on his second watch Craig had the delights of Portuguese fisherman to contend with who seemed to determined to send our course into a zigzag in the fog.

Only another three days of monotony then we’re booked into a marina in Gibraltar until Thursday, during which time the boat, which is minging, will get a good clean, as will the boats owners, and the vhf radio which broke a week ago will be replaced, oh yeah most importantly it has a Marks and Spencer and a MacDonalds. So happy days.

Soz, boring photo, boring blog, bored blogger!  It now 1530 as I post this, and the view (or lack of it) is if anything worse although it’s blimmin warm.  So far today we’ve actually passed some other boats, some rocks and an island all within 1/2 a mile of us, but did we see them, umm no. Thank god for modern electronics.

Here’s hoping for a better day tomorrow as after a while you actually start seeing things in the haze, I’m sure we passed a Dominoes pizza place a few miles back!

Laters peeps x

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