So today we needed fuel.  Imagine this, you need fuel, except the fuel pump is on top of a 20 ft wall.  You have to park your car alongside the wall, but in order to get next to the wall you have to park it on waterbed, still with me.  Meanwhile the wind is pushing the water bed onto the wall.  The bloke standing on top of the wall passes down the fuel hose so you can fill up. After 10 minutes he realises you’re having a full tank not just a few gallons and turn the pressure from snail speed to something resembling snail x 2 speed.

Then in order to pay you have to climb onto your car roof as near to the wall as possible and as near as possible to the ladder which you then have to climb to get to the top of the wall to get to the booth to pay.

Then as you try to drive away, bearing in mind you’re still on the waterbed, the wind is still pushing you into the wall, and your passengers are having to try and push the car away from the wall whilst you try and manoeuvre away without gouging a bloody great hole in the side of your car!

I mean wtf, if it hadn’t been all hands on deck, and a total stresser I would have taken a photo!  I swear if we weren’t near a fuel pump Craig would have got through a packet of fags there and then.

Talk about steep learning curve.  Note to self for the future, find a fuel pump on a pontoon that’s at least level with the boat.

So today’s adventures include this, Craig nearly losing it because Gerald and I decided to put the sail up whilst he was making lunch, and suddenly we weren’t having eggs with our bacon butties any longer! and whizzing through the National Park totally heeled over at a rate of knots (well 7), trying to avoid lobster pots and rocks.  At least today we heeled over on the starboard side (right) so it gave all our stuff on the other side of the boat a chance to fall over! Actually to set the record straight it was me who put the sail up, sheer determination and good old bloody mindedness prevailed.  This boat will not beat me!

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