Buenos Dias!

I must first unfortunately be the bearer of bad news, due to unforeseen circumstances Eau de Biscay is no longer available, however we hope to have a follow on fragrance Eau d’atlantique which should be available by the end of the week.

Our little jaunt down to last nights anchorage was helped along the way by several schools of dolphins, thing is once you’ve seen one dolphin you’ve seen them all!  Ha Ha! Craig has some great footage from the bow which I’ll post later.

So we arrived at our little bay to anchor about 23.30 – Gerald does seem to be keen for us to practice our night manoeuvring!  No not that sort!  His plan is for me to learn to helm so Craig does all the heavy work, which suits me fine.  To be honest I’m actually not doing too badly and we successfully ‘parked’ the boat and dropped the anchor, despite the fact that some total imbecile was also anchored up without any lights on!  Idiot, it’s the equivalent of someone driving at night without their headlights on.  But no doubt life will not be idiot free just because we’re now afloat.

During the pre-sea legs stage across the Bay, my quip to Craig (or was it a quip?) was ‘we should have bought a Winnebago’, and you should also know that after being lurched from one side of the boat to the other, during which I bashed both knees, my hip and cut my leg, there was a major ‘I’ve effin hate this, I’ve made the biggest mistake of my effin life!’ moment.  However before panic ensues amongst some of you at home, this has now passed, and is in the past.

Besides if we were in a Winnebago, I wouldn’t wake up in Sardinetro and be able to see this view, well unless the Winnebago was on the back of a boat.

Have a great day, I know I will.

Adios amigos!

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