Safe and sound across the Bay

So we’ve made good progress and are now going down the coast of Spain.

To be honest the trip has nothing to report, but maybe that’s a good thing!

Today, Tuesday, finally got my sea legs.  Thank god for Belvita breakfast bars, oh and Batiste Dry Shampoo.  Literally haven’t had a wash for three days and slept in the clothes I was wearing.  Eau de Biscay – think I might market it.

Weather across in the main was good, just a few showers when we set off and now as we go down the coast its nice, sunny and warm.  But god it’s monotonous, there’s literally nothing to look at, I didn’t expect it to be like the M25 but I thought there might be a few more boats.  Still we did see some dolphins and some whales today.  But up until then It was spot the bird and that was few and far between.

We are now heading for the Spanish Rias where we are going to spend the day, and then crack on another 3.5 day slog to Gibraltar.

But with a view like this, what more could you want!

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