My new BFF!

There’s blue and green, the red has gone, and tomorrow we should be off, woop woop.

So having discovered I’ve become slightly obsessed, not just with waves and wind but you can also see snow, co emissions and all sorts.  So last night parlour game, just to while away 5 minutes, ‘guess which place in the world’?.  This is all well and good until you get answers and you don’t actually know which countries you’re looking at or meant to be looking for.  So the next spell of education should be learn the world map!  I mean it’s really important to know where Greenland is!

Then my plan is with the secret aid of windy, I can make some money in the marinas by becoming an expert weather forecaster and charge 50 euros a pop! Little will they know, eat your heart out Carol Kirkwood!, and by this time next year Rodney we could be millionaires!

As part of my learning on the go, as I said before I have been trying Spanish, but Duolingo is hard work. Why would I need to know what turtles and rabbits are, but not know how to count or days of the week!  So I think I’m going to give Google translate a go instead and come up with some sentences I do need.  Why do these languages have to have things with genders, does it matter that the table is male, why can’t it just be a good old ‘the’.  

But at least when we arrive Duolingo will have taught me ‘Lo siento no hablo espanol pero Andrea no come tortugas y Luis le gusta conejo’.  Now you’re impressed aren’t you, but that’s ‘sorry I don’t speak Spanish but Andrea doesn’t eat turtles and Luis likes rabbit’.  Although I couldn’t tell you how many rabbits or what day of the week he eats them!

So the plan for today, stow away all the clanking things, that’s Craig’s multiple bottle of wine, give the boat and engine a check over, and keep checking windy to see nothing changes, oh yes and most importantly tomorrow start taking those sea sickness tablets!

Laters peeps x

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