Life in Camaret-sur-mer

Only one word to describe it and that’s dull or terne as they say on Francais.

It seems that there a lot of boats in this little marina waiting for a change in the weather.  One chap has to be back at work on Monday and at the moment that looks very unlikely, another couple are waiting to go down to the med with the wife saying can’t we just go, and the husband saying definitely not yet.  Although it’s very windy this morning it’s hard to understand what the problem is.  Gerald (our very lovely skipper) keeps mentioning wind gusts of 35 knots and swells of 2 metres plus which for a spacially disadvantaged individual like me is difficult to get a grasp of.  So last night he introduced me to a website called now I understand in simple language the wind and waves that are out there now and those predicted in the next few days.  Red is bad, very, very bad and at the moment there is a lot of red.  Ok now I get it, why couldn’t we just do colours in the first place!  Look for blue or even green but beware the red.

So as a consequence we’re still sat here going nowhere potentially until early Sunday morning.

Last night was interesting though, at about 23.55 there was an almighty clanging on deck and it literally sounded like we were about to be taken over by storm troopers, not sure why that was what came to mind but heyho.  A small boat was bouncing along our side, they had lost power and are now using our boat to ‘raft’ to, we are literally stopping them from bouncing around the sea.  Not a problem in itself and is quite the norm when a marina is full for boats to raft together.  It was quite funny listening to Craig explain, je suis anglaise, non parlez francais.  He can say I don’t speak French quite fluently it seems.

Just to see what I mean

So the situation is we are staying put, temporarily at least.

Wouldn’t be quite so bad if it was warmer, oh yeah and not France!

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