So today’s the day … or is it??

We’re waiting for the skipper to arrive who’s due at lunchtime.  It’s a bit like sitting at an airport and you’re not sure if the pilot says the planes ok to take off and you can leave.

Craig’s had a route in mind but has been checking the forecast every hour it seems, so the initial plans may change.

If all goes to plan we will head to Salcombe and then straight across the Bay of Biscay, if not we may head via the Channel Islands – I really should get a map out and see where they are!

It’s five weeks tomorrow since we moved onboard.  I didn’t think this retirement lark would be this easy but the days have been full, lots of little jobs to get done, but I can honestly say there has only been one day in all that time that I thought shit what am I doing.

But we’re ready, or at least the boat is.  The fridge and cupboards are full and a weeks worth of meals prepared, so if nothing else we won’t starve.

And now I’m ready to leave Lymington – I’ve had enough of this view and am ready to explore and meet the challenge ahead head on.

Thanks to all those of you who’ve been down and visited over the last few weeks.  I know it wasn’t an easy journey for any of you but it was much appreciated and it was nice for us that you could see the boat and maybe get a little better understanding of what lies ahead.

So watch this space!

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