Talk about hi-tech!

This is our most hi-tech piece of equipment yet and with all probability perhaps the most important as we settle into retirement. For two old fogeys afloat, comfort is key!

This, filled with air, not necessarily the hot kind Craig can supply

Becomes, this

How cool is that!

In addition to such jolly japes, today we have learned a valuable lesson with regard to relationships on a boat, as demonstrated by our neighbours.  It would seem that a question or comment can be totally patronising and condescending but one is given a free pass if one uses the word ‘darling’ at the beginning or end of said question/comment.

I therefore must remember that the next time I tell Craig he’s being a knob, I must say ‘you’re being a knob darling’, therefore by the rule of relationships at sea he has no cause to take offence, darlings!  Should he however take this stance with me, the little darling may find a mutiny on his hands!

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