You have to see it to believe it!

Today’s task, inflate the dinghy, check the outboard, attach the outboard to the dinghy, go for a spin.  

So for those of you who’ve read the earlier posts we didn’t make the same mistake twice and used the better pump, which even in the 30 degree heat here was quite hard going. But mission accomplished and I may in fact banish him to the dinghy further down the line if he gets on my nerves.

Next check the outboard.  Now again for those of you who’ve read earlier posts you will know that we no longer have the dirtiest dinghy or the dirtiest anchor locker, however it would seem that we did have a dirty outboard, although I do understand that this could have caused issues.  We need something to clean out the INSIDE of the outboard.  Do we have some tubing, no but we could use a snorkel, okay get the snorkel, the gaffer tape and one of the handheld hoovers.

So his Heath Robinsonness kicked in and this is what was produced.  

Yes as I said you have to see it to believe it, but it worked!

And he’s now a happy bunny because the outboard is no longer dirty.

It doesn’t quite compensate for having to give the bike up but he’ll give it a good go!

Anyway we had a great spin around the marina and up to quay.

Couldn’t miss the opportunity to have some rowing practice and for anyone who knows the story from last years holiday you’ll know I am absolutely pants, but I am pleased to say that left arm and right arm did coordinate and not only did I row in a straight line I also managed to row in the right direction.  Wonders will never cease.

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