Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

So since we started this adventure I’ve got my VHF Radio licence, which was the first exam I’ve had to sit since I was 17 save a few data protection exams where you had the answer book next to the questions! This means I can call for help in an emergency (legally) and today I passed the first aid course meaning if something does happen I might have a vague idea how to save you in a medical emergency before help arrives.

I have also started learning Spanish but I’m not sure how useful ‘he is a man, he drinks milk’ will be in the future! Duo lingo does seem to teach things in a strange order.

My advice learn everything you can when you can, I don’t think you’ll recall it all verbatim when a panic arises but at least you’ll have a vague idea what to do – it could make the difference.  Let’s hope neither the VHF or first aid are required, although given the number of dangers on the boat I’m sure that at some point I’m likely to get smacked in the head by the boom, or burnt by the gas oven, and given Craig didn’t like me near the sharp knives on land, can you imagine the palpitations he’s having on the boat!

Still at least if we’re in Spain and he needs help I’ll be able to tell them he likes beer!

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