The things we do for love!

So a few weeks ago there was the issue with having a dirty dinghy, well today completely outdid that.

At the front (bow) of the boat there’s a huge hole basically which holds all the anchor chain.  Today, because we had the might of Ellwyn here there was an opportunity to get all the chain out of the locker to check it.  Having removed all the chain onto the pontoon, husband is not happy with the cleanliness of the inside of the locker, yes we did hose it out but there was still a substantial amount of crud, mussel shells and the like in the bottom, and it’s not acceptable for one to have a dirty anchor locker, don’t you know!

Given the depth of the locker it was impossible for anyone just to lean in and grab the crud from the bottom – so this is what happened – yes that is me, upside down, being held by my feet on my way out of getting all the muck out!  I don’t remember this being in the job description when I signed up for this.  But hey, it gave everyone a laugh, earned me some brownie points and provided a great photo opportunity.

The things we do for love!


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