Our maiden voyage

So this weekend we had our first visitors, Emma, Ellwyn and LJ.  I think that its safe to say that all three were somewhat surprised at the size of Kuta, I’m not sure what people are expecting but for the first time in 20 years I heard my step-daughter swear. ‘**** it’s huge!’

On Saturday we took the bull by the horns and actually left the berth and the marina!  Me thinks that the Skipper may have found the whole event a little bit stressful, if only I had a blood pressure monitor to hand.  Anyway, needless to say it’s all a learning curve, which just happens to be a bit steep at the moment as we learn how the boat handles.  For once in my life I am more than happy not to be in charge, and let Craig wear the trousers – I know shock, horror, the control freak’s happy not to be in control.

Despite choosing the one day so far where the wind has not decided to play ball, having motored out passed the Needles, with LJ at the helm (who did a very good job might I add – eventually) we did manage to get the sails up – as proven by the extremely good photo taken by Emma.

Yes, it was calm, and it was a relatively easy sail but it made me remember why we have chosen to embark on this part of our life on a boat – it’s not just about getting from A to B it’s how we get there.




Thanks all for a fab weekend, looking forward to seeing you again soon.

P.S. to any other readers, beware of the seagulls in Lymington whilst eating fish and chips!

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