Welcome aboard!

Well we’re on, and we’re in.  A van load of boxes and two days of organisation, a few tears when the chaos was a bit too much, but were pretty much sorted, minus a few tweaking of box contents.

And well it feels like home already and we can’t wait for our first guests.  So let me take you on a guided tour.This is the boat or yacht as I think we should call it.  Our new pride and joy.

This was the calm before the storm, and believe me it got a lot worse before it got better, but as they say you can’t make an omelette without cracking a few eggs.

The whole boat was literally filled, mostly it would seem with Craig’s clothes!
I should have taken some pics of what then followed but too be honest it was just too traumatic – little melodramatic but there were some tears (mine not Craig’s) when for a completer like me it didn’t seem like the end was in sight.

And now 48 hours and a good clean later, calm has been restored:

Looking forward to the next month of living aboard and no doubt moving things to where we actually need them.  It’s amazing what you can fit under the floor on these things.
Craig seems to get some pleasure testing me as to where things are – haven’t failed yet, but no doubt when he asks me where the spare thingymajig for the doo dah is I will have my downfall.

Finally, for now welcome to my new blog follower – hi mum, love you, see you soon.

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