No fixed abode

We’re on the home straight now, but without the home!

In the last week the beloved BMW has been sold, the house has been emptied and now belongs to someone else, Pepper has also been sold and the storage unit is now empty.

It’s a bit strange really, I was surprised how unemotional I was about leaving the house, perhaps it’s because we started the emptying process sometime ago, so gradually the contents have been dwindling over the last couple of months, and when we finally left it didn’t really feel like home anymore.  Craig was surprisingly more emotional about it – it’s by far the longest he’s ever lived anywhere – but for me it was just bricks and mortar which was the complete opposite of my initial fears about selling the house – oh women can be fickle some times!!

We’ve taken the boat stuff down to the boat and basically dumped it into any available space ready to sort out next week.  I think there’s some saying about trying to get a pint into a half pint pot and that springs to mind.  I’m sure that half of it will have to be dumped, but heyho we’ll have a go.  It is a task I can honestly say I’m looking forward to just for the pure sense of satisfaction I’ll have once it’s all put away.

I have some before pics which I’ll post next week.

In the meantime thanks dad for putting us up for a few days.  49 years old and lodging with a parent, never thought that would happen again!  No we are very grateful but I’m starting to get restless now, just a couple more things to sort here and we can make our way to the boat for good.

And to be perfectly honest I can’t wait.

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