Bear with me, I’m new to blogging!

To be honest we’ve been setting this up all day, so consequently up to this point the dates will be out of sync.  I’m sorry but if I didn’t write down what happened two weeks ago when it happened I knew that by now it would have gone in one ear, floated about a bit in the chasm, and floated out the other side.

So, let’s get this bit over and done with and in a few weeks when we’re back at the boat all will be well with the world and everything will start from there in the right order.


So about a month has passed it’s now mid May and I am sitting on our boat, yes our boat, ‘Kuta of Carrick’ in the Berthon Marina, Lymington, back tracking how we got here.  Did the woman who craves stability, normality and calm actually make the decisions she’s made – yes, because I wanted it badly enough for me and my husband, yes because there is more to life than worrying about the minutia of life, yes because there is a big wide world out there and why shouldn’t I see a part of it.

May 16th 2017

We arrived today, another 2.5 hour trip from home, with an initial car load of ‘boat stuff’. This will, I fear, be one of many car loads.  There seems to be so much which will have to go onboard over the next few months.  We’re hoping to leave in July, and there’s still so much to finish.  I’m hoping that the next few days will give me a chance to eye up the space, what can we put where, where are all my shoes going to go?  Craig’s now got his tools down to four boxes, does he need four?  Yes apparently there needs to be a back up tool to the back up tool – but by the time we leave and he’s worked out himself that they won’t all fit all will be well.

So the first nights sleep was good – it’s just like being in a caravan on the water really.


May 17th 2017

Woke up this morning and for the first time since we bought the boat it hit me that we’d bought a boat – did we really buy a boat?!

Well today was the most miserable days of miserable days, it literally rained from dawn to dusk. How can there possibly be that much rain in the sky, it’s ridiculous.

Today’s chore was to thoroughly clean the inside from bow to stern (see I do know some of the language) and by the time I’d finished cleaning and clearing out some of the stuff I know we would never want, it actually felt as if it was our boat and we weren’t guests in someone else’s space.

Decided that if we are going to be here for the next four days perhaps some provisions would be good so a trip to Waitrose followed – how does anyone afford to shop in Waitrose on a weekly basis??

May 18th 2017

Something wonderful happened today, I spotted something high in the sky, it was bright and round and yellow and seemed to emitting some sort of warmth – I think its common name is The Sun.

Today’s task on the list is sorting out the deck lockers and seeing what’s where.

We found the dinghy in the starboard locker, and finally after about 15 minutes managed to haul it out of its space. Craig had found a foot pump in the port locker so we’ll inflate the dinghy, and leave it overnight to check it’s ok in the morning.

So between the two of us, with a 20 minute total leg burn workout the dinghy’s inflated, it’s huge – mmm definitely big enough to banish Craig to when I’ve had enough of him.

‘We must clean the dinghy’ he says, ‘why’?,’ because we can’t have the dirtiest dinghy in the marina’.

Does it really matter how clean the dinghy is, well yes apparently it does, and oh yeah because it seems I’m not capable of holding the hose properly I’m the one who does all the scrubbing.

And now, the sun’s gone in and it’s cold and memories of April in the caravan flood back.

The next few days we potter, finding our feet, working out how things work, wander down to the Chandlery. Can someone please explain why anything boat related seems so expensive, Craig calls it a captive market, me I think they assume that because you can afford a boat you must have money.

I’m not yet worrying about how much we’re spending because I know it’s things we need, we must have an EPRIB and safety equipment, and who doesn’t need a folding portable stove toasting rack!

By the time Sunday comes, the suns out and its time to go home.  Craig doesn’t want to go but to me Kuta’s not quite home … yet.

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